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What Makes You Tick?

In my own journey of self-discovery, I’ve learned how important it is to discover what drives you internally—what makes you tick. When I speak to young people, I like to ask what subject at school really engages and excites them. … Continue reading

Five Key Trends for Leadership Development

The driving force behind the success of any organization is the leadership strength of its employees. In today’s rapidly changing business environment, the concept of leadership development is critical for the success of the businesses. Therefore, the article focuses on … Continue reading

Climbing the Leadership Ladder…The other side of Corporate Governance

Hawkamah 7th Conference – Dubai, UAE (Nov 24th, 2013) – By Sheikh Hussein A. Al-Banawi   To characterize Corporate Governance as simply a tool to manage corporate risk and to coin it as such, falls way short of the true … Continue reading

7 Key Traits to Develop Leadership Strengths

Recognizing and developing the strengths within you is crucial to become a successful and effective leader. Leading with your strengths will not only help you develop a strong management style but also in achieving your highest potential. Here is an … Continue reading

Six Tips To Develop The Leader Within You

Leadership is not bound to achieving fame or glory; it is about contributing towards the enhancement of society. Leadership can be defined as the process of inspiring and motivating others to achieve a common goal. The modern view is that … Continue reading

Seven Things A Leader Should Always Avoid

Being a leader isn’t easy. You have to be informed and motivated simultaneously, while handling other people to get the outcomes you want. An excellent leader is not the one who doesn’t make any mistakes. He is the one who … Continue reading

The Unknown Leader: New Book on Leadership with a Difference

The Unknown leader is a newly launched book, which provides you with a wealth of thought provoking insights on leadership. The book, written bySheikh Hussein A. Al-Banawi, covers leadership in a different way which is encouraging for all unknown leaders … Continue reading

Good Books on Leadership Serve as Role Models

Books are great sources of information that play an important role in developing effective leadership.To became a successful leader it is important that you have adequate amount of knowledge as there is no one who can succeed in life with … Continue reading

Being Committed to Excellence in Execution

Last but certainly not least, real leaders are “execution animals,” driven by achievement. The true leader autographs his work with excellence and is constantly seeking opportunities to raise the bar of quality for the entire organization. By contrast, mediocrity is … Continue reading

Who is a Resilient Leader?

Examine the life stories of real leaders and you’ll be startled to see how often they have been written off in bad times of trouble. The real leader understands that winning and losing are not the crucial test of leadership. … Continue reading