The Unknown Leader blends four main elements: Stories and experiences from the life and work of the author; lessons and advice, especially for the youth generation about how to develop leadership qualities and shape a career that is satisfying, rewarding, and productive; broader reflections of the journey towards leadership and the challenges facing today’s businesses and societies, especially in the MENA region; and profiles and experiences from the lives of more than a dozen men and women who exemplify the leadership qualities of unknown leaders the author extols.

These role models, whose stories and thoughts are interwoven throughout the book, come from several countries within the MENA region and from diverse walks of life, including business, academia, medicine, and the non-profit world. They include:
Order is subjective to the story appearance in the book.


  • Dr. Waleed Bukhari

    Dr. Waleed Bukhari

    Senior consultant for advanced laparoscopic and Bariatric surgery

    Read Waleed’s Story in Chapter 1

  • Dr.-Asma-Siddiki

    Dr. Asma Siddiki

    Education Management Consultant & CEO Alpha1Education (Heritage Summers)

    Read Asma’s Story in Chapter 1

  • Dr.-Ghazi-Binzagr

    Dr. Ghazi Binzagr

    Director of Beit Binzagr

    Read Ghazi’s Story in Chapter 1

  • Nabil-Alyousuf

    Nabil Ali Alyousuf

    Partner – ALJAL CAPITAL

    Read Nabil’s Story in Chapter 2

  • No-Image

    Dr. Ebtisam Dkahkhni

    Consultant Clinical Psychiatrist

    Read Ebtisam’s Story in Chapter 3

  • Maha-Al-Ghunaim.jpg

    Maha Al-Ghunaim

    Founder Chairperson of Global Investment House

    Read Maha’s Story in Chapter 4

  • Dr.-Haifa-Jamal-Allail

    Dr. Haifa Jamal Allail

    President of Effat University

    Read Haifa’s Story in Chapter 5

  • Moataz-Al-Alfi

    Moataz Al-Alfi

    Chairman & CEO – Egypt Kuwait Holding Co.
    CEO – Americana Group

    Read Moataz’s Story in Chapter 7

  • Mahmoud El-Gamal

    Dr. Mahmoud El-Gamal

    Chair of Islamic Economics, Finance and Management, and Professor of Economics and Statistics, Rice University

    Read Mamoud’s Story in Chapter 7

  • Eng. Hani Ibrahim Khoja

    Eng. Hani Ibrahim Khoja

    Managing Partner & Co Founder of Elixir

    Read Hani’s Story in Chapter 8

  • Dr.-Sameer-K.-Al-Ansari

    Dr. Sameer K. Al Ansari

    Chairman of PEPlus

    Read Sameer’s Story in Chapter 8

  • Mr.-Hisham-Ezz-Al-Arab

    Dr. May Al-Dabbagh

    Research Fellow at the Women and Public Policy Program at Harvard University

    Read May’s Story in Chapter 9

  • Mr.-Hisham-Ezz-Al-Arab

    Hisham Ezz Al-Arab

    Chairman & Managing Director
    Commercial International Bank

    Read Hisham’s Story in Chapter 10

Consider this book a formal invitation to welcome you into the club of Unknown Leaders! It’s a very special group of people: unassuming, but remarkably instrumental. As a member of this vast, humble but exclusive club, you’ll find that life is a never-ending series of fascinating challenges and opportunities—an epic journey that is a personal triumph in itself, worthy of “The Unknown Leader.”

The stories of these “unknown leaders,” and the wisdom and insights they share based on their own experiences, will add immeasurably to the value readers will take away from the book. So join the club of unknown leaders, share your own stories or stories of other unknown leaders that you have known and embark on a journey of a lifetime.

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