I have been fascinated with the world effective leaders create and leave behind. And what a difference they actually make and could make if we had more of them around.

In my pursuit of learning more about how good leadership is exercised, I embarked on a journey–an epic journey, a journey of a life time. This is a journey of self-development, which ultimately shaped me to be better at what I do and how I do it. And if you happen to be sitting in a position with certain influence and responsibility, this journey will help you develop and evolve from a mindset of authority to a mindset of leadership. And what a distinction there is between them! The two are like water and ice: same matter, different state.

I would say just starting off on this epic journey is a personal triumph in itself, and would earn you the designation “Leadership in Motion”. This personal voyage into one’s self is a worthy course though demanding, and requires personal courage and resilience. It is your path to discovery or perhaps rediscovery of your new highs. Since this is a life time journey, there is no finish line, no stop signs. You just keep raising the bar at your own pace.

There was a time when the word “leadership” was synonymous with inspiration, energy, hope, and positive change. Today, the word has shed quite a bit of its glamour. But in a way; thanks to some events of the recent past, serious questions have been posed with regards to the credibility and integrity of corporate leadership and national leadership as well.

Having said that, there has never been a time where our enterprises and communities are in such dire need of effective leadership as today. As potential leaders for today and tomorrow, we ought to heed the call, and become leaders on a journey of self-development. I can say with certainty that it is leadership in motion that will skillfully guide our countless enterprises through change, and help us achieve our aspirations as individuals and society insha’Allah.

In the final analysis, when we face setbacks who do we look for to stand tall and take responsibility? Guess who? Leadership…

And in moments of crisis who do we call on to save the day? Guess again? Leadership…

We may be reluctant to admit it, but true leadership or leadership in motion will always be called upon to make a lasting difference.

The Unknown Leader – ISBN# 978-0-74-94-6572-8
Published by Kogan Page, 2012

the-unknown-leader the-unknown-leader

Rollin's University MBA Class Sheikh-Hussein-A-Al-Banawi Franklin College hosting Sheikh Hussain Al-Banawi

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